Make name tags from oven bakeable clay

These cute little name tags are easy-peasy to make and can be used in a whole host of ways from wine glass charms to table place names. Why not try them wrapped around a napkin as part of a wedding table setting or as personalised gift tags for your presents?

Bakable clay wine charm

You need:

Oven bake clay (like Fimo)
Rolling pin (I used a tube of pritt stick as a mini rolling pin substitute)
Cookie cutters
Letter stamps (I used an old 12 pt letterpress alphabet I have but you can buy letter stamps from craft shops and online)
Thick needle or equivalent to make a hole for the ribbon
Thin ribbon

  1. Simply roll out the clay and cut in to your desired shape, but not too big if you are hoping to make them into wine glass charms. You may have to use initials only if the shape is too small or the names are long.
  2. Use the letter stamps to create the name or initials. Press firmly but not so the letters go all the way through.
  3. Create a whole big enough to thread ribbon through at the top of the shape using the thick needle.
  4. Heat the oven and bake the clay on baking parchment according to pack instructions – usually 130 degress for 30 minutes but check to make sure.
  5. Once cooled and hardened, tread the ribbon through carefully. Leave quite a bit of ribbon for each name tag so it can be tied easily. You can always chop off what you don’t need later.

Cutting bakable clayUse letterpress alphabet to stamp clayClay with stamped namesBake clay in the ovenmake Fimo bakable clay name wine charms


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