Make wooden photo disks

I have transferred a photo onto untreated wood before thanks to this great video tutorial, but wanted to experiment with what would happen if I used painted wood. Well let me tell you it’s trickier and a bit more time consuming but I like the shabby chic result. Try it on untreated wood it you are doing it for the first time.

Photo transfer on woodTo make this magic happen I used a circular plywood disk that I picked up at a craft shop and painted white, a laser copy (must be laser for this to work), Mod Podge, Gloss Heavy gel and a paintbrush.

Covering the wood in gel medium

Cover your circle with a thick layer of the gel medium and press your copy face down onto the surface and smooth out. Leave for several hours to dry.

Phot transfer

Once dry, wet the back of the paper and gently rub away. As the image is on a painted surface it hasn’t been able to absorb as much as it would onto untreated wood so you have to be super careful. If a few patches come off don’t worry too much, it adds to the rustic charm!image transfer

Once you have removed as much of the paper as you can, cover in Mod Podge and allow to dry. the Mod Podge acts as a sealant.

Cover in Mod Podge - image transfer

I attached some ribbon to mine so it can be hung up. Hanging photo transfer on the wall


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