Pretty photo party decorations

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first 100th birthday party! It was my nanna’s and we had a super time, with delicious food, music and chatter.

I decided to create some simple and easy to make decorations for the room the party was held in and wanted to display some of the fantastic photos we have of nanna. My mum and I made bunting out of old fabric  (in this case a couple of pairs of old pajamas) adorned with flowers from an old fancy dress garland. We painted pegs, glued the flowers to them and used them to peg photos in between the triangles in the bunting and on lengths of string. I also printed out some numbers onto card to peg up too.

This bunting was a fantastic talking point and the photos made a lovely keepsake, why not make your own for your next party?

Making bunting from old pj's

Painting pegsLooking through old slidesPhoto bunting - nanna's 100thPhoto bunting - nanna's 100thPhoto bunting - nanna's 100th

2 responses to Pretty photo party decorations

    • thisisknockout Post Author

      Thanks! Yes you are right that making your own decorations makes more memories – and makes it so much more personal.

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