Make stenciled geometric neon tote bags

This bright, geometric tote bag is bang on trend and pretty simple to create.

Neon geometric patterned tote bag

You need

  • Some acetate
  • Dylon fabric paint in your chosen colours
  • A stiff paintbrush
  • A craft knife and cutting board
  • A steel ruler
  • Cardboard
  • Masking tape

Take the acetate and cut geometric shapes out of it using the craft knife, cutting mat and steel ruler. Create a cut acetate sheet for each colour you are using. The shapes can be random, or in a pattern. If the shapes overlap they can create more colours so experiment with lots of different layouts.

Put a protective layer in the middle of the tote bag to stop the colour transferring (I used some cardboard – remove when ironing) and fix the acetate to the bag using some masking tape. Hold down the acetate and paint your first colour through the stencil.

First colour on geometric tote bag

Once fully dry, iron the bag according to the fabric paint instructions. This usually requires 1 to 2 minutes with a hot iron to fix the colour.

Build up the pattern using the same method and remember to allow to dry and then iron between each new layer.

Second colour added to the tote bag

Geometric stenciled tote bag

Geometric, noen, stenciled tote bag

And there you have it – a wonderfully bright tote bag!

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