Make oven baked clay earrings

I bought some make and bake clay from Hobbycraft recently and decided it was time to make something with it. Bakeable clay is a polymer clay that hardens in the oven, the most popular brand of which is Fimo. I decided to make some quick and easy earrings as I had some silver earring backs too I used three colours of the clay:

First cut little scraps of each of your chosen coloured clays and roll them into a ball.

Scraps of make and bake clay

Roll the ball into a long sausage shape before twisting it and rolling again.

Roll out the clay

Twist the clay and roll again

After a lot of rolling a twisting make it into a ball and begin cutting it into even segments. (Cutting it in half, and then in half again, repeating until the segments are small earring sized pieces).

Roll the clay into a ball

Cut into even segments

Roll the segments into a ball and flatten the bottom

Roll each segment into an even round ball. Flatten the bottom of each by carefully pressing against a blunt knife. This will be the surface you attach the earring backs to.

bake the clay

Bake the clay balls in the oven according to packet instructions. Once ready, leave to cool.

Glue earring backs to them

When cool, attach the earring backs using a glue gun. Be careful as the glue can get very hot. Press the backs down firmly and ensure the glue has dried thoroughly before trying your brand spanking new earrings on!

Oven baked clay earrings

These earrings are super easy to make your self. Experiment with different colours, shapes and sizes. If you want to splash out on some really fabulous examples of what you can do with the stuff take a look at these finds on Etsy:

Fantastic fimo earrings on Etsy:

Marshmallow fimo earrings by maduixeta




















Polymer clay earrings by CookOnStrike















Lemon stud earrings by SweetnNeatJewellery
















Blue Hawaii flower clip on earrings by LoveLittleDarling


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