Come Draw With Me at Leighton House

I had the chance to do some figure drawing in Lord Leighton’s studio this week. The class was part of The Campaign for Drawing’s Come Draw With Me event held at Leighton House in Kensington. If you ever have a chance to attend one of their future events I thoroughly recommend it.


Leighton House was the former home and studio of acclaimed Victorian artist Lord Leighton. The place is spectacular – grand and opulent – and the perfect setting for some art classes. In the photo below a class is set up in The Arab Hall which was designed to display Leighton’s collection of Islamic tiles. And, on the right, a photo of The Silk Room.

Interior at Leighton House

Our class was set up in Leighton’s studio and run by Eileen Cooper RA. The studio is huge, with large windows maximizing the light, Leighton would have spent most of his days here working on commissions.

We were supplied with all the materials we would need (plus a glass of wine during the break!) and Eileen led a fantastic, laid back class with a great model. The main thing I struggled with was the fact that he was clothed and it disguised the shape of the body which made it more challenging for me.

Figure drawing at Leighton House

The tools of the trade: Leighton’s paints in a display case in the house, and our box of colouring pencils for the class.

Tools of the trade - Leighton House

So here are my sketches, most were 10 to 15 minutes long:

Leighton House figure drawing sketches 1

Leighton House figure drawing 2

Leighton House figure drawing 3


Leighton House figure drawing 4


3 responses to Come Draw With Me at Leighton House

  1. vincentfarrellartist

    these drawings are wonderful!!! you are very talented!!! i love paper and art supplies and art created with the eye and hand. beautiful! something my father use to say(who was an artist his name is Vincent Farrell 1928-2008) “From the eye, to the brain and then the hand is how an artist draws and paints” Painting and drawing what you actually see in reality is so important. My father would have really enjoyed the opportunity to have a chance to see this studio. Well done!!!

    • thisisknockout Post Author

      Hi Vanessa, thank you! Yes it was a great experience. I think it’s very important to draw things as you see them and to learn that process. Your father’s paintings are wonderful!

      • vincentfarrellartist

        thank you so much! i hope you have time to stop by my blog for our online gallery exhibition of my father’s paintings,which opens tomorrow, Saturday, April 20 ,2012 ! i loved your drawings , you are so talented!! keep drawing!! kindest regards and thank you for the complements regarding the art of my father!

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