Food photography – some recent adventures in the kitchen

Green lime - food photography

Eggs - food photography

Noodle salad - food photography

Dried noodles - food photography

Salad - food photography

Pork stir-fry - food photography

Basil salad - food photography

Sour dough bread - food photography

Radish - food photography

Mmm, makes me feel hungry just looking at these photos. I took these this week whilst getting dinner ready, using a little digital camera – the Canon IXUS 70 – and some A4 sheets of patterned craft paper as my backdrops. They just needed a bit of brightening in Photoshop and there you have it, some bright, tempting foodie pics.

Little Canon Digital IXUS 70

The little Canon IXUS 70 – takes good pics for a little un.


3 responses to Food photography – some recent adventures in the kitchen

  1. pixelogist

    food photography is a whole new thing, isnt it? good job taking these.. especially with a compact. controlling light and ur background are the things to watch for when taking food pics.. as well as getting the proportions and angles right to get ur food looking as delicious as possible πŸ˜€

  2. midnitechef

    I bought some cloth napkins super cheap at Bed Bath & Beyond to use as backgrounds for my food photos. I’ve been wondering how some other food bloggers get those magazine fresh looking pics, paper is the key! And good natural light… seeing as most of my cooking ends up late at night (the “midnite” part of my blog) there’s no sun left when it’s picture time.

    The camera used is a digital camera – Kodak Z812. Normally I use the auto-macro setting. f-stops confuse me πŸ˜›

    Any tips on improving food photos?

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