Make pretty patterned wrapping paper from an A4 sheet of paper

Handprinted wrapping paperToday I’m going to show you how to make plain sheets of white paper pretty and patterned.

Handprinted wrapping paper

To make the paper above I created a few little stamps.

To make your own stamps you will need:

  • Cutting mat and craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Some small pieces of soft cut lino
  • A lino cutting tool (optional)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Caps from some bathroom products  approx 2-3cm in diameter (I used the cap from a bottle of hair spray – you could also use a small block of wood or something similar)

For the wrapping paper you will also need:

  • Some sheets of paper – plain white A4 or larger, roll of brown or white paper. In fact anything that is fairy thin and plain will do!
  • Some ink pads in various colours. The ones I have used are from Hobbycraft, they are fairly cheap and come in lots of colours.

Things you need to make your own stamps

First, draw around the bottle cap using the pencil onto the lino. Now draw your design within this circle, staying away from the edges. I drew a heart shape and a flower.

Cut the shapes out carefully using a craft knife. To give the flower petals I used a lino cutting tool to draw some extra lines.

Cutting the lino for the stamp

Next, glue gun the cut-out lino shapes to the flat surface of the cap.  Now you are ready to start printing!

Inking up the stamp

Push the stamp down into the ink pad, use your finger inside to press down to ensure an even inking. Then press firmly and evenly on the paper. Don’t worry about each print not being perfect, but work on producing a nice repeating pattern

Using the rubber on a pencil to create pattern

You can also use the rubber on the end of a pencil to add little dots of colour to the pattern.

Printing with the rubber on a pencil

Printing with the heart stamp

These are the finished sheets that I created – nice a fresh – perfect for Easter or spring birthdays and occasions:

Handprinted wrapping paper

There’s lots more you can do with this paper. It looks super pretty in a frame:

The wrapping paper looks pretty in a frame

Or how about making some little gift bags?

Simply wrap the paper around a square object, as if you were wrapping it up but leave one end open.  Make sure all the folds are sharp and slide the square object out. And there you go – you have a bag! If you fold the open edge over before you begin it will be a lot stronger, which means you can whole punch the top a few times and tie some ribbon handles to the bag:

Making gift bags

The paper is also perfect for scrapbooking, card making and all sorts of other creative things. Hold onto the stamps too which come in handy for lots of projects.

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