Figure drawing (first time in a long time!)

Series of warm-up 1 minute sketches - figure drawingI’m returning to figure drawing for the first time since art school. Last week I went to my first lesson at the Fusion Arts Centre in Oxford. Having not attempted this in around 10 years, I was slightly apprehensive – worried that what I would create would be rubbish and not worthy of a blog post – but I think I did OK. I am going again tonight, and hopefully many Friday nights after that, so expect to see improvement over the coming weeks! What do you think?

Series of warm-up 1 minute sketches - figure drawing

Some of the one minute warm up sketches – I had forgotten how to get the main shape down quickly but got better the more I did.

The first pose - figure drawing

The two hour class consisted of two poses – this is the first. I still felt a bit uptight drawing this, and I think it shows.

Half way through the second pose - figure drawing

Half way through the second pose – starting to find my way. Hmm what are those colouring pencils doing there…

Finished second drawing - figure drawing

That’s what. I have never used colouring pencils whilst figure drawing before, but enjoyed using them for my self-portrait a few weeks ago. For the rest of the images I had been using charcoal pencils which are much heavier and easily smudged.

I was quite pleased with the outcome of this first class. I will keep you posted on how I do. Do you have anything you have returned to after a long hiatus – how did you find you got on when you tried it again? Would love to hear from you.

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