Mother’s Day bouquet

I got a bit carried away taking arty photos of a little bouquet of flowers I put together for Mother’s Day on Sunday. I got up far too early for a Sunday with the bright idea of making a little arrangement for mum with the flowers and foliage from the garden. Brilliant idea!

It was cold and a bit damp whilst I stood in the garden slowly realising that there was not much alive. I didn’t really want to cut the only flower in bloom, or go back inside with a handful of dead twigs, so I had to search pretty hard. I found some feathery heads on the grasses and a few interesting leaves off of various shrubs. After ransacking the bamboo and ivy, and politely nicking a bit of the blossom from next door’s tree, I think I pulled it off (the blossom managed to give it a bit of a spring-time look!). I put the greenery in a little Kilner-style jar with a flippy lid, and wrapped some ribbon around the base.

This makes a great little project. There is probably variety more in your garden than you think. If you don’t have a garden use a selection of herbs or indoor plants instead – just enough to fill a jam jar with.

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