Sketch book to final look

Firstly apologies for being quiet over the last week – I had a little holiday last weekend and neglected my new found blogging routine.

Over the week though I have been doing quite a bit of file organisation (had to happen sometime) and found lots of scanned images of my sketches. I usually use these sketches to create full colour illustrations and manipulate them on-screen before printing them. I tidy the scanned sketches up in Photoshop first and then use Illustrator to colour and manipulate them slightly. I started putting some of the initial sketches side-by-side with the finished articles and thought I would share.


Drawn (not traced!) from a photograph I took at the Woburn Classic Car show in 2010. I’ve used some gradients to bring out the reflections on the window and bumpers.


These little critters are drawn from my very own imagination! You can buy the print here.


Sketch of Thame Museum for a series of postcards. I also volunteer for this Museum, I designed their website which you can see here.


Sketch of an Eryngium Blue Hobbit thistle, drawn in the garden last summer


I love tea! These random teapot sketches were drawn from images in magazines and on the internet, teapots in my cupboards, and from my imagination. They all put together to form a teapot pattern. You can buy this print here.


3 responses to Sketch book to final look

  1. thetrtmnt

    You did a nice job on the car image. Im currently trying to figure out illustrator, it is quite difficult to get a grasp of. Good work

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