Using up my crafty leftovers

Over the past year I have linoprinted tonnes of cards, most with simple sayings on to square cream or manilla card blanks. Inevitably some go wrong; they move in the press or I over ink the lino – sometimes it takes a few test prints to get them looking good.  Because of this I have ended up with a stack of miss-prints in the cupboard,  just sitting there waiting for me to do something (anything!) with.

I had finished a run of cards on Friday and added a couple more miss-prints to the pile when the idea struck me to cut the individual letters out of the cards. I have produced enough designs to have nearly the entire alphabet so made them into a little artwork using a song lyric that has been going round and round my head over the last few weeks:

Ok, so It looks not unlike a ransom note, but I really like it. The fact that I know where all the little letters have come from and that I have breathed new life into the poor little cards destined for the recycling bin means I have a soft spot for it! It also gave me hours of fun taking photos of it, which I think came out really well.

What do you think of my re-used art? If you create crafty things, do you do anything inventive with the leftovers?!


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