The good, the bad and the ugly

Before Alex Steinweiss invented the record cover whilst working at Columbia records, all albums came in plain brown wrappers. How dull I hear you cry! In 1938 Steinweiss realised he could make albums more appealing by making them look good, and he was pretty exceptional at it – check out some of the fantastic album covers here created here.

Since then album artwork has become commonplace on records, tapes and CDs – even digital downloads often come with their own artwork. Iconic covers have been born, famous artists have worked on them, and some have even been banned. But today, you lucky things, I’m going to share with you some of the covers from my collection.

I began buying records about a year ago when I bought my boyfriend a record player. We now look in every charity shop, record fair and car boot and scour eBay for hidden gems, quietly amalgamating our parents collections and we no doubt bore people when we go on about the joy of vinyl. However I am of the belief that records are the perfect platform to looking at and collecting album artwork – it just looks so much better on a record sleeve, and through our ad-hoc collecting we have gathered some rather fine examples. Some good, some bad, some strange, some funny, I hope you enjoy, and maybe share some of your favourites or funnies.

(I would like to stress that many of these albums are from my parents collection. No I do not know who Linda Ronstadt is either!)

Record cover artcore


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